Current Status

Alphonso By The Lake

9 Members, 220 Prospectives.

Seed community formed.

A Confluence of Cultures

The Concept

This is about a 70 acre farm, and at this point we’re in talks to do a 53+ acre collective with a possible extension to all 70 acres. We’re proposing unit sizes of 1.2 acres, and clusters with default home sizes of 650 sqft and options for larger homes.

The farm is set in a very pretty context between two forested hillsides and bounded by a lake created by an earthen dam to trap the water that gushes down in every rain. The area sees a decent monsoon most years, and has good rains during the returning monsoon as well. There is some wildlife around the area thanks to the forest, and bird activity is already pretty healthy at the farm.

About 25+ acres of the farm is a mango orchard with Alphonso and other mango trees that have an existing healthy yield. The farm has been fertilizer and pesticide free for many years now.

Close to one edge of the property is a wooded patch where our hospitality partners, Linger, have been running a very popular campsite for over 4 years now.

Thanks to the mango and the campsite, the financial operational sustainability of the farm looks easy to achieve in the short run. Our efforts will go towards understanding and managing the water capture/drainage needs at various points in the valley, and in increasing the diversity and soil conditions, leading to better growth.   

You can read more about this collective HERE


Meeting of three states


ABTL is located about 70 km from Bangalore in Krishnagiri District, 10 km off the Bangalore – Chennai highway.
The location is sandwiched between hills that separate Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu from Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. It is also a stone’s throw from Karnataka. Culturally this is super interesting as  Nachikuppam, which is the closest village, speaks four different languages – Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi. Why Marathi? Perhaps remnants of the maratha raids of the years gone by. More recently, this also happens to be the birth place of RajniKanth, the South Indian super star.

The place is bordered on all sides by semi deciduous forests and makes for lovely walks. There frequent wildlife sightings and very occasionally elephants as well.

On a good day, it takes about 90 minutes to drive here from the heart of Bangalore.

Here s the location of the estate

The Early Adopters

Seed Community

We are looking at a seed community of 8 members for this project to be a go. Here’s a relook at the process of creating a collective – as part of which the initial commitment amount for this collective is Rs.10,000/- which is refundable if the seed community fails to form. At this point we have 5 members signed up for this already, and are looking for 3 more before Aug 31st, post which we will either go ahead with the next steps, or revisit this with the existing members and drop this with a full refund if so desired by the majority.

For this particular collective, we have already wrapped up the talks with the property owners, and arrived at a cost of Rs.38.95L + govt taxes for the seed community members. This is for the 1.2 acres of land, the house, setting up limited hybrid power, setting up the entire forest farm, common infra for hospitality and the staff, etc.

Post the seed members’ signup, we expect the price to be around 41.2-41.4L, depending on the costs that firm up as we commence work on the ground.