Our Philosophy

Fundamentally we believe a connection to nature is a must for our well being and at BeForest we are using Farming as the tool to establish that connection.In addition to that, we are very particular about not exploiting the landscape. Instead we wanted to recharge it. we wanted to increase the soil quality, the ground water, the air quality and the bio diversity in the process. We looked at different models of sustainable farming when we came across permaculture and we chose that as our primary medium because essentially what we were trying to do was to grow back a forest.
Right from the start, we were very clear about our collectives being self sustained in terms of water, electricity and food. To get there we have done a lot of optimisations that are very particular to the area. For eg, the housing clusters – the accomodation is all split into multiple clusters that would be located at points where delivering natural resources like water and electricity becomes easy. There very minimal energy loss as the distance is quite less. The material used in establishing this network is quite less as well. This is exactly how our villages were designed – centered around the drinking water source. We are building a modern village and not villas – that sums up our design philosophy.