Current Status

75 acres. 50 members.

Collective Closed for further subscriptions

The Joy of Farming

TVC: A farming Collective

The Tamarind Valley or TVC, as we call it, to a great extent started off as an experiment – a group of friends trying to explore a more sustainable farm. As we got down to the execution, the word spread and friends of friends joined in. This went on until it became a collective of 40 members occupying 60 acres. These 40 members were shortlisted from a pool of more than 300 prospectives. With the interest building up, the community took the decision to expand to 50 members. Today TVC is a collective of 50 members occupying 75 acres.

Beyond Organic, almost wild


The produce grown at TVC is growing with very little support from our side. Most intervention from our side is really to enhance the soil quality in terms of adding more mulch and carbon. Currently, the collective produces a few 100kgs of veggies every week and some grains, millets and fruit every now and then. The workbook for the estate is sorted now and we have a clear understanding of handling most issues at the farm in a natural permaculture way. Tamarind Chutney, Neem sticks, Peanut Powder are some of the surplus produces from TVC we have sold under our produce brand of BEWILD.

The Master Plan


The master plan for the place took almost 24 months to finalise to the granularity of a traditional real estate project. This was primarily because everything that exists on the plan has a very strong reason to be there. Unlike a traditional farm project or a layout, we put in the time and effort to understand the landscape, the ecosystem, the weather patterns, etc before coming up with a playbook and putting a shovel to the ground. The result is a super resilient landscape that emerged on what was considered as an extremely degraded piece of land, unfit for any cultivation.