Current Status

The Poomaale Collective

26 Members and counting..

first season of coffee picking. first constructions coming up.

128 acres of forests, coffee and 40 homes.

A Wilderness Collective

Beforest introduces the concept of wilderness collective. Here our focus shifts from farming to conserving a forest system. Why ? Because we believe a forest is worth growing. Bangalore and Chennai survive on the water which comes from the rainfall in the Malnad region of South Karnataka. Preserving these parts of the western ghats is a question of survival.

The idea of a wildnerness collective is to take up a large coffee estate and diversify it into a healthy forest system. We will not be eliminating the coffee production completely but reducing its scope and importance in the survival of the estate and introducing other native varieties into the system to make it self sufficient.

To know more about the Kakkabe Collective, please go through this brochure.


The Estate

This beautiful estate spans 127 acres of which around 70 acres are under coffee cultivation today. The estate also has three hillocks, two lakes, a perennial stream and countless natural springs. We intend to have a very small footprint here of not more than 5-10 acres in terms of non-forest activities. The rest of estate would be a mixture of tropical forest, with wild coffee growing mixed with other native plants like peppers, spices, etc.



The Kakkabe Collective is located just about a km from the kakkabe town market and a stone’s throw from the brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. Another prominent landmark is Tamara, a 5 star luxury resort. Here s a google maps link to the place.

The estate is also about 75 km from the new international airport in Kannur, Kerala bringing it in access to the rest of the country.