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Convience of a collective, privacy of an estate

Private Estates

Balur Estate is a 372 acre coffee plantation, running since the 1840s.  Standing testimony to the changing centuries, this place is steeped in history and legacy including lots and lots of artefacts, written records and most importantly stories from the years gone by.

We bring to you this unique opportunity to be a part of this heritage. We bring to you Beforest – Private Estates, an undivided  holding in The Balur Estate and all its legacy along with a sensitively & ecologically designed bungalow customised just for you. All the infrastructure, including roads, water supply, security & maintenance, etc would be shared between the participants of this estate. You will even have access to a feature from the yesteryears – the planters club – an exclusive club just for all the planters of this estate.


The Plan for the place

The Estate

The estate has been intensively cultivated for coffee, pepper and timber for the past 180 years. However, with the current owners becoming increasingly aware of the risks depending exclusively on a few commodities, the goal is to slowly start diversifying the estate and take the load off coffee alone.
The 46 participants would own the estate in an undivided manner. Balur estate coffee is very well known in the coffee circles with hotel chains like the Taj serving an exclusive balur blend as well.

Currently, the estate has all the infrastructure of a running coffee estate including two large lakes, irrigation for over 200 acres, a couple of bungalows, 21 km of trails, processing infrastructure, staff quarters for about 50, tractors, 4 wheel drive vehicles, etc. With Linger running a very low footprint hospitality operation in the heritage bungalow successfully, we look forward to using that as an additional complimentary revenue stream that takes the pressure off in a bad year. This would keep the estate in an economically sound place so that the participants can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

All said and done, this is a chance to own a piece of living history and witness how the centuries continue to fail to change life at Balur.

How to get there


By Air: 115km from Mangalore airport (about 2.5 hrs)
By Train: 200 km from Mysuru station (about 4 hours)
By Road: 260 km from Bangalore (about 4 hrs)

Balur estate is really easy to get to. You can feed the following location on google maps and navigate to the spot.

How to Participate

The Way Ahead

The options start from owning a 1 acre undivided share (priced at 1.58cr) to an 8 acre undivided interest (starting at 2.6cr).  This is a by invite only community looking  for the first set of 12 participants to confirm their participation with a commitment cheque (that will only be encashed once 12 cheques are in hand).

Currently we have done extensive studies to identify the first residential zone of 46 homes spread across 16 acres. The site has been planned to take advantage of the existing trails and water pipelines so as to avoid altering the landscape to the best of our abilities. Our process ensure minimal interference to achieve maximum desired impact. These houses have also been placed in a manner where they occupy near flat lands to ensure maximum stability. Having said, that they also ensure visual and auditory seclusion that is expected of a home in the hills without compromising on the community based approach that is characteristic of a beforest collective.

If you are interested in exploring this, check out our brochure and click on the ” I want to Participate” button at the bottom of the page. We will get in touch with you.