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The Mumbai Collective

100 acres of food forest . 65 members

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The farm life is just a drive away

A Farming Collective

The Mumbai Collective, set on a 100 acre forest is located at the foot of Sahyadris, just 85 kms from Mumbai. With abundant rainfall and undulating landscapes, it offers a unique opportunity to explore a move towards farm life near the city.

Just like other BeForest collectives, our vision is to create abundance through a food forest that’s resilient; and a community that lives a sustainable lifestyle which can even be passed on as a legacy.

We invite you to join us and be a part of this unique opportunity to be a part of the Seed Community.

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Collective Farming

Those of you who have tried your hand at farming individually, would know, it is not a small feat to maintain and grow a farm to be a financially sustainable venture. Hence, a collective.

Such a collective of over a 100 acres and 65 collective owners, holds the strength to spread out risk and reduce costs with efficiency of scale and potential to diversify. Collectively, the owners also stand to gain bounties of nature. With a proven track record in enabling collectives, BeForest will execute all the necessary actions stemming out of joint decisions of the collective owners.

The Mumbai Collective comes to you with two options of owning 2 acres or 5 acres and an undivided share in the landscape. This undivided share would contain the housing clusters, staff quarters, store houses, common areas, community kitchen, etc. If you are wondering why we are doing housing clusters, it is because that is the most sustainable way of building a village. It makes delivering natural resources like water and electricity into the houses very efficient. It also keeps the footprint very low. Typically the same amount of construction using conventional plans would increase the footprint by at least 250%.

The price includes the land, the earthworks that would be needed for the food forest and water management, all water and electricity infrastructure for the property and maintenance cost for the first four years along with the cost of house construction.

Read more about Why a collective makes so much sense here

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Just 85km from Mumbai (Mulund Toll Naka). It takes just 90 minutes to reach the collective.

Closest Hospital/School:

For those looking to stay here, Shahpur will be the closest town with medical and education facilities .

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A food forest

A forest is a three dimensional resilient ecosystem, with life extending in all directions. Unlike monocropping, that can be detrimental to the soil, ecosystem, and even our health,

A food forest ensures there is an enriching circle of life. Our aim is to create an ecosystem that mimics the forest and grows indigenous edible plants. Over a very short period of time, the forest ecosystem is self-sufficient with enhanced soil and air quality and abundant water all year round.

The yield of a system that mimics nature, while less predictable initially, rewards us with a resilience that is not possible with conventional farming methods.


We do it right

Unlike a ‘real estate’ company, BeForest does not start with a ‘layout plan’. We understand it takes a lot more to build a robust, resilient, self-sufficient landscape. This is why, for each collective, we hire foremost experts and conduct an in-depth study of the landscape, ecology, hydrology and biodiversity. Armed with this knowledge, we then plan all the essential elements like nursery, estate manager house, office, residences, vegetable gardens, wildlife zones, check dams, drainages etc

This is the first time this approach is being used this extensively over such a landscape in our country.

You can read more about our approach to landscape planning here


Earth Homes

We believe in using what each site has to offer. With that in mind, all the structures in the property will be built using rammed earth / adobe brick / laterite block techniques / granite  etc. This enables us to build these structures from the soil found at the site itself. Not only does it have aesthetic appeal, but also has a high thermal mass. This ensures that it’s cool in summers and warm in winters on the inside. From the outside, it seamlessly merges with the landscape. In addition, we take extreme care in the design to achieve a 5-10 degree Celsius difference from the outside.

The smallest home we propose, is a simple 573 sq. ft plinth area structure that would have a bedroom, a living space, a bathroom and a dining area. In addition to this, each home would also have a small front yard and back yard for your experiments at a small scale. Larger options are also possible of course, but they would be catered to on a case to case basis.

Other specs include:

– Flooring with traditional red oxide, tandoor stone or wooden flooring.

– Cold and hot water showers and wash areas.

– No or minimum paint on the woodwork and tiles.

– Mechanism to provide a water secure environment up to 150 litres per person per day.



Waste Management

To reduce our requirement of precious natural resources, we are constantly looking to optimize our power and water needs. Simultaneously, we also use methods to recycle grey water that can be used in irrigation, bathroom flushes, etc, along with incorporating natural waste treatment methods using reed beds etc.

We will also be undertaking complete black water recycling using the latest methods and keep plastic usage to a bare minimum by depending on natural materials for storage.


Energy Efficiency

At BeForest, we use simple design methods to reduce direct radiation from entering the homes keeping them significantly cooler, hence reducing the energy requirements. One can achieve a 5-10 degree drop in temperature with just design and materials.

Innovative technologies are being explored for providing hot water for the bathroom and kitchen.

A cluster based solar farm will also be set up to provide for the energy needs of the housing clusters along with Grid connectivity.