Chief Eco Officer

Sunith Reddy

A wildlife enthusiast and nature lover, Sunith is an IIT Madras alumni and former Yahoo! product developer (he single handedly developed the Y! Alerts service). He has been the founder of RentSetGo, Quantinsti and iRageCapital, one of India’s first Quant based trading services. His quest to find a sweet-spot between economic viability and ecological sustainability, lead to the formation of Beforest.

Chief Finance Officer

Shaurya Chandra

Shaurya Chandra – Chief Finance Officer An IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad alumni (where he is now a visiting faculty member), Shaurya has had a career in finance and trading, starting with the Bank of America and Edelweiss Capital before founding iRageCapital and Quantinsti, which clocked in over a billion dollars in trades on a daily basis. His quest for a quiet connected life lead to him co-founding Beforest Fun fact: Shaurya also created a brand of chocolates called Antz Chocolates!