How it works

The Collective Process

We strive to work with the member community to co-create a sustainable landscape. The process of collective creation is also built along those lines. Whenever we identify an area to setup a collective, we do it on the basis of proximity to the city to allow for participation and the potential the landscape offers in terms, soil, water and transformational capacity. At this stage we call out for a few initial members to back us in terms of the idea. These members essentially are onboarded after paying a nominal booking fee of Rs.10,000 only.

Once we have a pre-defined number of commitments, we proceed with the shortlisting of properties. We follow a standard checklist of requirements that have to be satisfied. Once a shortlist of two to three properties are identified, we announce it to the committed members. At this stage, the members are expected to pay another Rs.1,00,000 to kickstart the due diligence process. Any one who backs off here, for whatever reason, gets a full refund of the earlier payment.
We, then, start with the due diligence process of our most preferred property. This is a standard process depending on the state and and may take about a few weeks. It is entirely possible at this stage that the due diligence does not check out. In this case, we move on to the next property on the list.

Once the due diligence is completed, the pre-published payment schedule is triggered and members are expected to pay accordingly.

This process ensures that we are acting and negotiating on behalf of the community and not with the community. This is a cornerstone of our work ethic and influences all our processes and methodologies.