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128 acres of forests, coffee and 40 homes.

A Wilderness Collective

The Poomaale Estate is the first wilderness collective from Beforest. An environmentally conscious community, a stone’s throw from the kakkabe town market, Coorg, this is a neighbourhood full of fresh food, flowing streams, rolling shola hills, a few hundred species of birds and animals and lots and lots of coffee. Poomaale literally translates to “a garland of flowers” – perhaps a reference to the hills carpeted with flowers during the coffee bloom season every year in Feb-March. This community is set amidst 128 acres of coffee and forest and several kilometres of trails that connect the homes to the wilderness. We have committed to leaving approximately half the estate as a low intervention tropical forest. Food production activities would be restricted to the other half. This is a conscious decision from our side keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the landscape we occupy and its importance in terms of water security to the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The Architectural planning of Poomaale Estate is a new benchmark in sustainable landscapes. Habitation structures are restricted to under 5 acres cumulatively. The design encourages a connection with nature and the community and helps contribute to the ecosystem positively. Over the years, we hope to create a model of ecological sustainability and economic viability that allows other estates to adopt one without compromising the other.

We are bringing together a select group of individuals who believe strongly in the vision and its importance in the scheme of things. If you think you are one such person then indicate your interest on this page and we will get back to you about your participation in the collective.

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the plan for the place

The Estate

Poomaale literally means, the hill of flowers. This beautiful estate spans 127 acres of which around 70 acres are under coffee cultivation today.  The estate encompasses three hillocks, two lakes, a perennial stream and countless natural springs and monsoon nullahs. We intend to have a very small footprint here of not more than 5 acres in terms of non-forest activities. The rest of estate would be a mixture of tropical forest, with wild coffee growing mixed with other native plants like peppers, spices, oranges, cardamom, mangoes, figs, avocadoes, etc.

Thanks to the lack of maintenance of the previous owners, the eco system has strong indicators of a forest system. For eg, even in the peak of the monsoon, Kembuva Poley, our perennial stream runs crystal clear water. This tells us that the root systems run deep and the soil is being held tight by the tropical system.

To understand the state of the eco system, we are undertaking a detailed study of the biodiversity of the system in collaboration with ecology experts. The first study was done in the month of october and showed us that there are definite signs that wildlife is using the estate as a corridor. Our aim is to handle the plantation activities without disturbing their movement. We are striving hard to establish a multi use forest landscape that is both ecologically and economically viable.

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The Kakkabe Collective is located just about a km from the kakkabe town market and a stone’s throw from the brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. Another prominent landmark is Tamara, a 5 star luxury resort. Here s a google maps link to the place.

By Air:  The estate is about 75km from Kannur international airport. The airport is well connected with daily flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

By Road: The estate is a breezy 5.5 hr drive from Bangalore. Depending on what route you take, you will reach us about 30 km after Madikeri or Virajpet. Drive to Kakkabe Town Market and we are about 2km from there.

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