At Beforest we build sustainable, permaculture based food forests and collectively owned living  spaces (or collectives) that are food, water and power secure. 

What is Permaculture 

Permaculture or Permanent Agriculture is based on the guiding ethics of ‘People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share’. It is a natural design system which creates sustainable, productive and harmonious ways of living by making optimal use of available resources

What is a Food Forest

Forests are ecosystems in which diverse elements like plants, animals and fungi thrive with the least effort. Now imagine if the same ecosystem could be replicated to produce multiple layers of food right from tall trees to bushes, herbs and underground foods in the same space in a sustainable manner with minimum inputs and intervention for maximum outputs. When such an ecosystem is replicated over large tracts of land, we call it a food forest.

What is a Collective

A collective is a group of individuals who come together with a single objective. At a beforest collective, that objective is to live sustainably.

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What does it mean?

A Collective

A collective is a group of individuals who come together with a single objective. 

At Beforest, that objective is to run a sustainable farm. Each member owns a part of the farm along with the infrastructure on it. However, the entire farm is managed as a single property when it comes to infrastructure, plantation and produce planning. All decisions are taken collectively with Beforest moderating and enabling the process. All costs are split and all profits are shared. The rules that govern the collective will all be framed by the families who form the collective. 

Beforest plays a guiding role and helps this group navigate through the regulatory, operational and legal pitfalls. In addition, once strategic decisions are taken, Beforest plays the role of the man on the ground and keeps the needle moving on a day to day basis.

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