While the community will frame a detailed set of rules that everyone will agree to, and sign an MoA with the same details, a set of baseline ideas are as follows:

  • Ownership is individual (except for the common pool of land) but the farm planning, operations, maintenance and P&L are jointly done by all members of the collective.
  • The team employed for farm and hospitality operations are employees of the collective, and will be entitled to a min 15% profit share from both agriculture as well as hospitality, outside of the salaries paid.
  • The farm will be developed in accordance with the principles of permaculture, with small adaptations and deviations agreed to by the majority of the collective, still in keeping with sustainable agriculture practices.
  • All members, current and future, will sign the MoA that ensures they automatically agree to the above, the rules framed by the collective and amendments to the same as effected.
  • The initial agreements with Beforest for farm management and operations is for 10 years, and provides a sort of a ‘lock-in’ for the collective’s goals.