Roles And Responsibilities

Beforest is a private limited firm responsible for
• Project conceptualization, execution oversight.
• Signing up and managing architects, farm consultants, solar vendor etc.
• Farming operations for 10 years through a contract signed with the owners’ association or co-operative.
• All land acquisition, construction, large civil work.
• Getting onboard and managing contractors for the same as necessary.

The community – association/co-op does it in accordance with the by laws. The by-laws are themselves being framed by the community with inputs from a lawyer.

The whole idea is that while most people have an intent to get involved, the amount of effort and time they might be able to put in will vary. This is why Beforest professionally manages the farm and oversees the team employed there by the collective to ensure the farm continues to make progress. However, all the effort and time members put into this will help the farm do better, accelerate the experimentation and growth of good ideas, and help create and connect access to markets, value added products, and foster micro-entrepreneurship.

Collective effort + permaculture consultant plans. 3 lakes, couple of dozen gully plugs, swales. Ground water is good, and 3 bore wells yield a lot, but the idea is to trap as much water as possible, and also reduce the need for the same as the forest takes root. In addition, trees are our superstars in the soil and water conservation continuously sinking moisture into the ground.